Blancco Removable Media Erase

Blancco Removable Media Erase

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Permanently erase data from removable media including USB drives, SD cards, micro drives, CompactFlash cards and other flash memory storage devices. Blancco Removable Media Eraser can be delivered as a simple desktop application or MSI package delivered to multiple users, allowing single data erasure processes or simultaneous erasure. Reduce risk of data loss and fraud, perform due diligence into security best practices and prove 100% compliance with regulatory standards.

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Key Benefits:

  • Permanently erase 24+ flash drives and other removable media devices, rapidly and simultaneously
  • Use as a complementary solution to Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure to maximize erasure processes across mobile devices with SD cards
  • Create on-demand, centralized data erasure stations within your environment
  • Produces a 100% certified and tamper-proof audit trail
  • Ensures data compliance with industry standards and regulations, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, ISO 27001, ISO 27040 and EU General Data Protection Regulation
Blancco Technical Specifications
Erasure • Erases any type of flash-based removable storage media supported by Microsoft Windows • Optional automatic formatting after erasure (NTFS) • Supports all well known erasure algorithms including: o Army Regulation, AR380-19 o U.S. Department of Defense, 5220.22-M, o Navy Staff Office Publication, NAVSO P-5239-26 Classification level SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL, o Navy Staff Office Publication, NAVSO P-5239-26. Classification level TOP SECRET o NIST Special Publication 800.88 Revision 1. Guidelines for Media Sanitization o Conforms to recognized international erasure standards
Usability, Automation & Scheduling • Easy to install and user-friendly • MSI package can distribute to several users in a large organization • Capable of simultaneously erasing multiple devices • Displays the status to all connected units during erasure to enhance process management
Reporting • Automatically generates a detailed erasure report after each erasure • Report details include serial numbers and other hardware specifics • Add custom fields in the report process to capture vital process information
Supported Media Types • USB flash drive • SmartMedia • SecureDigital (SD/SDHC/miniSD) • MultiMediaCard (MMC/MMCMobile/RS-MMC) • Compact Flash (CF) • Memory Stick • Digital cameras with flash drives • MP3 players with flash drives • Other flash-based storage media
Auditing • Full auditing capabilities • Standard XML report format for integration with Blancco Management Console
Language Support • English, French, German, Japanese, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian

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